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Dr Massage

At Dr Massage our massages ensure that every strand of tension and stress within your body will be eased.
Our massage techniques are extremely unique. Massages are very slow, deliberate and the pressure is tailored to the individual. If the massage is too painful, the patient will tense causing us to back off to an appropriate level of pressure until the person’s body is ready.

People receiving our massages in our Melbourne studios for the first time are always amazed that we massage exactly where they are sore and need the most work. Our massages are completely intuitive.

Massage Techniques

To begin, strokes are designed to gently warm the area treated. Go too hard, too deep, or too fast, and it causes unneccessary pain. Friction from our hands and your skin will slowly warm up the tissue and make it pliable. Strokes begin at one insertion of the muscle, and finish at the other insertion. As such, no prt of the muscle is left untreated. Time is spent on areas of dysfunction, healthy areas are glossed over. This is to ensure you never get that feeling that the spot is there, but your therapist keeps skipping over it. We know ourselves that there is nothing more frustrating!

Our strokes incorporate the lining of the bones where the muscle actually attaches. If muscles are too tight, the attachment site itself can become inflamed or tender.

In treatment, we use a bees was formula we make ouselves. It allows us optimal control, esuring there is no slippage. the best thing about our wax is you don’t need a shoer after it. It won’t leave you feeling oily or sticky in any way.

As treatment progresses, strokes work deeper and deeper. This heats, moulds and sculpts the myofacia back to its normal state. After treatment, the fascia cools down it sets in its new found position. For the 24 – 48 hours after treatment, the healing process continues as the patient’s body becomes accustomed to its new posture.

It is therefore important to acknowledge that the effects of our treatments actually last. We do not ‘relax’ your muscle, only to have it tense back up. Our strokes change the physical state of your tissue, taking it back to healthy dimensions.

Massage benefits

Physical benefits aside, our unique form of treatment leads the patient into a deep state of mediative relaxation. After one of our massages, most patients get off the table feeling like they have been asleep for hours. Once the post massage drowsiness wears off the the patient’s body becomes more comfortable with its newfound freedom of movement. And a complete feeling of mental and physical rejuvenation remains present for days and often weeks on end after the massage.

Light or deep massage, it’s your choice

Whether you prefer extremely deep tissue massage or lighter bodywork our massage techniques will cater to you. We can massage as deep as your body will allow us.
All therapists at our Melbourne based studios, even the petite ones have the ability to carry out deep tissue massage. Most of our massage techniques involve the use of the therapists own bodyweight.

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