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Effective and Unique Techniques of Dr Massage

We start our massage therapy by gently warming the entire area where we plan to work. Our unique approach allows us to gently but surely work deeper to produce effective results without causing unnecessary pain.

The broad stokes that we implement throughout the warming process allow us diagnose all through out the body ensuring that all areas where tension is present will be addressed during our initial session.

Affected muscles are treated using slow and purposeful strokes dedicated to eradiating the tension present, while the healthy areas of the body are improved further to help the body feel light and rejuvenated.

Our unique techniques target every part of the muscle, from the lining of the bones, in which the muscle actually attaches right through to the outer lining of the muscle referred to as the myofacia.

The reason we have such a terrific reputation for providing the most effective massage is due to the fact that we focus on the areas where people need the most work. Form experience all too many people complain about average massages skimming over the areas where people really feel they need it.

We focus in on the inflamed or tender areas where the muscle attaches onto the bone and or muscle – tendon junction. Addressing these areas and freeing up the tension is critical to ensuring you that you walk away with a newly found feeling of freedom in your body.