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To revolutionise the mainstream medical approach that typically motivates symptomatic patients to act out of fear and desperation scaring people into becoming influenced by their products and services.
Our mission is to enlighten individuals to this fact, and make people aware there is a choice. The alternative way to motivate people is by means of inspiration, and we plan to inspire each and every person we treat that the body has an amazing innate intelligence able to self – healing and restoring its self to a pain and ache free state.


To build an ever expanding team of brilliant, passionate congruent therapists that will do what ever it takes to help individuals in the process of pain and injury elimination.
To build personal relationships with individuals ensuring genuine care in their overall health and wellbeing.
To continually evolve as a team, maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning and growth.


6 degrees of separation.

Every single patient experiencing chronic pain that is not responding to the main stream approach will be referred to us by another person that has seen us or knows of somebody that has seen us. This tends to happen, before they are put on drugs, sent off to surgery or wasted months/ years of their life in chronic pain.

Our aim is to make enough people realise that there’s far too much impersonal and symptomatic treatment in the mainstream medical approach.

Our vision is that individuals will start to demand real patient care. There will be a distinguishable distinction between, modalities, clinic, practitioners that put their self interests above their patients. We would like people to demand an equal exchange of energy, be treated like a human being, have the underlying cause addressed, not just the symptoms masked in order to sell more drugs and book in continual appointments.

Enough people demanding this level of care will revolutionise the entire health care industry. It’s a massive vision, but all of us have a massive passion and we are not going to stop until we continually see our vision coming into fruition.